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2017  2nd March  :   Lecture at the Hirai-Nishi Primary School , Edogawa, Tokyo Pref
           20th March  :   Attendance at the Inauguration Ceremony of the UN Peace Bell
                                   Duplicate at Osaka Expo Park, Followed by a Lecture
            10th May  :   Attendance at the 29th Memorial Ceremony at Uwajima for the Victims of
                                 the Air Raid During the WWII
            19th May  :   Lecture at Takane-Higashi Primary School, Hunabashi, Chiba Pref.
             21st May  :   Attendance at the Bell Ringing Ceremony Called Mitama-Maturi at
                                 Kamakura  Shrine
             11th June  :  The 2nd  General Conference of Peace Bell Membership at Central Tokyo
              20th June  :   A Private Visit and Conference with Shishi-Ou of Enryakuji Temple, Shiga
              11th July  :   Attendance at the Peace Bell Donation Ceremony Held by Myanmar
                                  Government with  3 Bells Handed Over At 3 Landmarks
               27th July  :   Inscription on the Peace Bell at Osaka Expo Park Was Repaired
                                    and Renewed in Gilt Gold, Thanks To the Generous Offer by
                                     Roushi Metal Works
                17th August :  "Chiyoji Nakagawa and the Peace Bell Movement" Was Broadcast

                                         in "Good-Morning Japan" Special Edition of NHK TV program

[29 August 2016] The Peace Bell regains shiny gold letters.  See the "2016 Highlight" page. 

[1 July 2016] Preview of the book in PDF file in the "2016 Highlight" page. 

[19 June 2016] A page "2016 Highlight" is created. 

[15 June, 2016] Seiko Takase and others left Japan to pay  a visit to UN.

[5 June, 2016] A book "The Story of the UN Peace Bell" published. More info here.

[14 October 2015] "Japanese Peace Bell" is introduced in the UN News website.

[14 September 2015] A page "2015 Highlight" is created. 

Latest News

  • [5 September 2015, Sat., 10:00am] A ceremony was held for the EXPO Peace Bell at its home, Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.   ...more information...
  • [25 August 2015, Tue.] A delegation of party nine led by Shikataro Nakagawa visited U.N. headquarters.  ...more information...
  • [19 June 2015, Fri.]  The legal status of this organization is registered.
  • [6 May 2015, Thu.] A ceremony for return of the Peace Bell to U.N. Japanese garden was held and attended by Mr. Shikataro Nakagawa and Ms. Seiko Takase. The ceremony was covered by media including Japan Times (an article in English) and Shukan NY Seikatsu (a video report with voice and text in Japanese).  ...more information...

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