2015 Highlight


- Seiko Takase talks about the UN Peace Bell
- Welcoming Sister Peace Bell to Its Home
- Trip to UN Headquarters
- Ceremony for the UN Peace Bell in NYC

Seiko Takase talks about the UN Peace Bell

[14 October 2015] Seiko Takase, a daughter of Chiyoji Nakagawa, talks about the UN Peace Bell in the following video, which was created and released by the UN News Center.

This video is a part of the multimedia presentation "Japanese Peace Bell," created by UN. 

For viewing the "Japanese Peace Bell" on the UN News Center website, click HERE.

Translattion of Seiko Takase's Interview

0:07  My father, Chiyoji Nakagawa, worshipped Shinto deities and Buddha, 

         and greatly valued all lives.  

0:17 In 1951, with an extraordinary aspiration for peace, he welcomed the opportunity to speak 

        in front of the UN General Assembly in Paris where he proposed to donate a peace bell. 

0:40 His belief was that the sound of a peace bell would move people’s mind. 

0:48 In order for many people around the world to be involved, he collected coins 

        to cast the Peace Bell. 

1:05 Chiyoji Nakagawa also received a handful soil from Hiroshima by Mr. Matsumoto, 

         a Zen priest at the Ryukain Zen temple in Uwajima City, who was injured 

         by the nuclear bomb. 

1:27 A Christian school girl who wished to participate in the peace movement 

         sent of soil from Nagasaki. 

1:42 Because the soil could not be cast in the bell, my father sent it to New York

        where it was buried under the Peace Bell's foundation stone to reflect 

        hibakusha’s aspiration for peace.  

1:58 end


0:07  父中川千代治は神仏をとても敬い、すべての生命を驚くほど大切にする人でした。

0:17 想像を絶する程の平和を熱望する父は、1951年、パリの国連総会でお話をする機会を得ました。


0:40 父は平和の鐘が、人間の心に響くと考えたのでしょう。

0:48 父は、世界中の人々からコインを集めて、平和の願いを込めた「世界絶対平和万歳の鐘」を作ったのです。



1:27 そして、長崎からは、キリスト教徒の女学生が平和運動に参加したいと、


1:42 その両方の土を平和の鐘とともにニューヨークに送り、平和の鐘の鐘楼の礎石の下に、埋めたのです。

1:58 終り

Welcoming Sister Peace Bell to Its Home

[5 September 2015]  A ceremony for welcoming the Sister Peace Bell was held in "Kisaiya Plaza," Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture.

  The Sister Peace Bell is the one that is installed in the Osaka Expo '70 Commemorative Park. During the period os Expo '70, the UN Peace Bell was sent to Japan. While the UN Peace Bell was gone, a replacement Peace Bell was cast using the same materials as for the UN Peace Bell, which was donated to UN in 1954, with additonal coins contribured by 133 nations. The replacement Peace Bell, called Sister Peace Bell, was donated to UN by Chiyoji Nakagawa again.

  The Sister Peace Bell sent back to its original home in Uwajima for the second time, 44 years after its first time "coming home."

  Over 200 people attended the ceremony, including those outside Ehime Prefecture.  The Ceremony was opened with a chorus titled Peace Bell, followed by speeches delivered by honorable guests, recitation of the Uwajima City's Absolutely Peaceful City Declaration, and and attendees tolled the bell.

  The ceremony went very well and ended successfully.

Picture 1: Opening chorus: "Peace Bell" sang by chorus group Cecilia 

Picture 2: Reception desk

Picture 3: Attendees of the ceremony

Picture 4: Speech by Mr. Koichi Yamamoto, Member of the House of Representatives

Picture 5: Speech by Mr. Hirohisa Ishibashi, Mayor of Uwajima City

Picture 6: Speech by Mr. Shikataro Nakagawa, Representative of Association for

                  the Preservation of UN Peace Bell

Picture 7: Joutou, Jounan and Jouhoku Junior high school students recited the

                 Absolutely Peaceful City Declaration.

Picture 8-13: Attendees tolled the Peace Bell

Trip to UN Headquarters

[25-30 August 2015] Nine members of the Association for Preservation of UN Peace Bell visited UN Headquarters and the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, during August 25 through 30.

  We received a lecture from the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations on the roles and activities of UN.   We learned many things about UN that are new to us.

  At the UN headquarters we had an opportunity to have a look of the Peace Bell. We all were impressed. 

  Mr. Kan-ichiro Ooshita, a son of Mr. Rinpei Ooshita who built the bell tower building, inspected the tower building and found that it is well maintained in very good shape.

  Everyone participated in wiping the surface of the bell using a piece of clean white cloth, thinking of late Mr. Chiyoji Nakagawa and reassuring about peace.

   We wish to make a visit every year.

Picture 1: Inspecting the bell tower building, wiping the surface

Picture 2: Visitors with UN headquarters behind

Picture 3: The Peace Bell as seen from inside the building

Picture 4: The Conference Hall for the UN General Assembly

Picture 5: The Conference Hall for the UN Securities Council

Picture 6: Visitors with pictures of the Secretary-General of the UN

Picture 7: At the Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN


Ceremony for the UN Peace Bell in NYC

[6 May 2015] A ceremony for the UN Peace Bell was held in the Japanese Garden of the United Nations headquarters, New York City.  The bell was relocated back to where it used to be.

  Mr. Shikataro Nakagawa and Ms. Seiko Takase attended from Japan.

Picture 1: Mr. Motohide Yoshikawa, the Ambassador to the United Nations, tolled the bell together with Mr. Shikataro Nakagawa and Ms. Seiko Takase.

Picture 2: Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of UN, and Mr. Shikataro Nakagawa

Picture 3: Ms. Seiko Takase, Mrs. Yoshikawa, Mr. Shikataro Nakagawa (from left to right)

Picture 4: Music played by Tarumi Violin.

Picture 5: Ms. Seiko Takase in front of the pictures of past and present Secretary-General of UN.

Picture 6: Ms. Seiko Takase in front of the Knotted Gun Sculpture. (Note: It was given by the government of Luxembourg to the UN in 1988.)